Individualized Spine Treatment & Care Dr. Rojeh Melikian is an award-winning, fellowship-trained spine surgeon who provides patients with unique non-surgical and surgical treatment options that best fit their individual needs. State-of-the-Art Facilities Innovative operating rooms designed for outpatient, minimally-invasive spine surgeries with a zero MRSA infection rate to date. What Sets Us Apart A multidisciplinary team dedicated to helping you achieve your spine wellness goals and making your experience as pleasant as possible.

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Minimally-Invasive Surgery

Outpatient surgeries designed to minimize pain & accelerate recovery.

Patients First

Highest patient satisfaction scores, superior outcomes, and a zero MRSA infection rate to-date.

Common Symptoms & What They Mean

The following page contains information about common symptoms surrounding neck, back, shoulder and hip pain and possible sources.

Understanding Spine Anatomy

To understand what’s wrong with your spine, it helps to understand the basic anatomy. Follow the link below to read more information.

Understanding Common Diagnoses

In this area you will find a list of some common diagnosis and what they mean.  Click on the links below to review each diagnosis in detail.

Common Spine Tests and What They Show

In this area you will find a list of common tests which are ordered to help diagnose spine conditions and what each test entails.

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Customer Reviews

The first time I met with Dr. Melikian, I was impressed with his willingness to listen, answer questions and not rush through the appointment. I had been in pain for several months and thought it was due to my Fibromylgia. An MRI revealed severe spinal canal stenosis. I liked the idea of the less invasive procedure Dr. Melikian recommended. Immediately after surgery my pain was gone and has not returned. My children and I both recommend Dr. Melikian to anyone needing back surgery


Sherman Oaks, CA


After 3 failed back surgeries, severe weakness and numbness developed in both legs and the nerve pain was unbearable. I sent Dr. Melikian my MRI and information and he personally called me the next day and my anterior lumbar interbody fusion was performed a week later. Surgery was successful and I have no more pain and my legs are getting stronger. I have never known such a caring and professional surgeon.


Long Beach, CA

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